But reckless driving and littering from a moving vehicle will not be tolerated…

Dubai Police have announced that they will be exercising a level of leniency towards motorists over the upcoming National Day weekend.

Rather than issuing fines for minor traffic violations, offenders will instead be sent an SMS with a warning stating that normally a fine would be issued but due to National Day celebration they are letting it slide.

This doesn’t mean that bigger incidents such as reckless driving will be exempt – you can still expect police officers out in force to keep the peace during the three-day celebration. However, offences like blocking traffic, stopping a car on the road, expired registration and similar minor infringements will get a free pass.

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Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, told Gulf News that the move is intended to encourage motorists to follow traffic laws more closely in the future by being informed of what they have done wrong, but without having to suffer the consequences.

One thing in particular that won’t be tolerated this weekend, however, is littering. The police have emphasized that the rules (and subsequent fines) for this are still firmly in place, with anyone caught dropping litter from their car susceptible to a Dhs1,000 fine plus 8 black points.

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