Did you catch a glimpse?

If you stepped outside last night and looked towards the sky you would have been treated to a pretty special sight: the first and only “supermoon” of 2017 lighting up the night sky all across the UAE as a real treat to stargazers.

Also known as a Cold Moon, this phenomenon is caused when the orbit of a new or full moon is in sync with the its closest approach to Earth, making it appear closer and brighter than usual.

In this instance, the moon orbited a cool 357,987 kilometres close to Earth, which was enough for it to be classified as a supermoon.

Did you miss it? Never fear, intrepid UAE residents took to social media to post photos of the celestial event, of which we have gathered up the choice picks below:

HH Princess Haya kicked things off with this cute picture of 5-year-old Sheikh Zayed attempting to eat the supermoon

!زايد.. والقمر العملاق Zayed and the supermoon! #Supermoon #GoodNight #MyDubai

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Here it is shining bright against the colourfulness of the Dubai Canal

#watercanal #uae #nationalday #supermoon #burjkhalifa #dubai

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Wait a minute… how did the supermoon get inside Dubai Mall?!

Lining up nicely alongside the Burj Al Arab

We love this moody shot of it juxtaposed against some lonely streetlights

And here it was still going strong at 6am this morning… or is that just the sun?

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