Umbrellas at the ready…

It looks like winter is officially about to hit the UAE.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) is warning that the country will experience a burst of unstable weather this weekend, with a high chance of thunder and rain.

“This extended surface depression and upper air low pressure with a cool air mass from the north will affect the northern and eastern UAE starting Friday,” a forecaster told Gulf News.

“Clouds will develop over these areas, associated with different intensities of rain and some localities will experience some thunder activity, associated with convective clouds.”

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The low pressure is expected to deepen by Saturday, affecting the entire country.

“From Saturday until Monday, the UAE’s weather will be unstable. We will have convective clouds developing in scattered parts of the UAE especially in the north, in the east, along the coast and even in interior parts.”

Dubai usually gets around two days of rainfall in December. February is typically the wettest month of the year, with around five days of rain.

The NCMS has urged motorists to take care while driving during the rainy period, with a high risk of poor visibility due to rising sand and dust.

It has also warned people to avoid heading out to sea, which will be rough during this time, and to avoid going near mountain areas and wadis where rainwater collects.

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