The restaurant will showcase the talents and recipes of MasterChef contestants in the soon-to-open Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel.

The world’s first MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant is coming to Dubai, and it’s set to open later this year.

What is that, exactly?

Well, based on the ever-popular reality TV show where budding cooks battle to become the series MasterChef, the restaurant will showcase the talents and recipes of contestants from around the globe.

Set to debut in the Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel, which will open later this year, the restaurant concept will fully immerse guests in the MasterChef TV show experience.

The interior will be inspired by the MasterChef TV set, and diners will be able to choose from an ever-changing menu featuring popular original dishes conceived and inspired by contestants and champions from some 52 countries.

“The brand’s massive popularity makes the opening of the world’s first MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant in Dubai a major coup for the city,” said Duncan Fraser-Smith, director of global food & beverage for The First Group, the company behind the restaurant.

“It is an extension of an iconic brand that will further enhance the city’s reputation as a global dining destination.”

MasterChef, which has been adapted in more than 52 countries worldwide, is the most successful cookery television format in the world.

An exact opening date has not yet been given, but we’ll update you as soon as it is.

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Images: Facebook/ Supplied