The super moon trilogy occurred last night, and you captured some pretty amazing pics of it…

Last night was the first time in 152 years that three lunar phenomenons all coincided; a blue moon, a super moon and a total lunar eclipse. And despite a scattering of cloud, residents across Dubai were able to see the lunar trifecta, and took to social media to share their snaps.

Here are the best pictures:

Last night’s rare Super Blue Blood Moon #Dubai #Timelapse

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Arguably one of the best shots came from Faz, who posted this epic time-lapse video to his Instagram page

Driving into Downtown, the Burj was lit up by the bright light of the super moon

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Despite the clouds, the super blue blood moon still shone through… 

This black and white snap shows how bright the moon shone… 

One user managed to capture three stages of the stunning moon… 

But most of the best shots arguably came from the Burj.

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Images: Instagram/Twitter