Craving some colour? We know of the perfect place…

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of flowers around Dubai today, thanks to a little holiday called Valentine’s Day. But if you still haven’t gotten your floral fix, you might like to check out a place called Dubai Miracle Garden.

This unique outdoor destination is located on the outskirts of the city in Dubailand, and is home to around 100 million blooms of more than 70 flower varieties.

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The garden, which operates from November to the end of May, first opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013, and has become a major tourist attraction during the cooler months. Every year, the garden gets a makeover, adding new features or installations.

In 2014, a Butterfly Garden boasting more than 15,000 butterflies was introduced. And in 2016, a life-size replica of an Emirates A380 – the world’s largest floral installation – was unveiled.

What’s new this season? This year, the theme is “Sunflower Lovers”, which means the bright yellow blooms are the star of the show. A 12-metre-high floral teddy bear joins the superjumbo, as well as a colourful collection of parrots, kangaroos, giant ants, butterflies and swans.

More sitting areas have also been introduced this year, including a selection of floating beds and tropical-inspired hammocks. The perfect place to sit back, relax, and smell the roses…

Dubai Miracle Garden, Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand. Open until the end of May. Dhs45 for adults, Dhs35 for children under 12. Tel: (04) 422 8902.

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