SPONSORED CONTENT: Looking for a menu that offers something different? A recently-opened outlet in Marina Village is bringing some originality and creativity to the kitchen

At What’s On, we call it food fatigue – eating the same old dishes at restaurants all over the city. We’re always desperate to try somewhere with grub that’s a little bit unique.

Step forward Chateau Blanc, recently opened in Marina Village, behind Marina Mall. It has a menu that shows ambition, with leftfield starters, mains and desserts served alongside some more traditional dishes.

The brand already has a flagship branch in Dubai and is a classy, upmarket patisserie and restaurant, with huge windows, grey, metallic, modern walls and gold and wooden finishing touches.

The menu’s breakfast section includes quirky dishes such as kale and scrambled eggs, and a huge, brick-sized portion of French toast, but it’s the lunch and dinner section that really intrigues.

You can try green tea noodles with smoked salmon and roasted beetroot from the salads section, while you’ll also find clever spins on Asian dishes as well, such as the duck bao steamed buns.

Their mains is where things get really clever. Make sure you try the Coca-Cola chicken, marinated in the soft drink with chillies. A main of Cajun chicken penne pasta will also be a table favourite – the meat is covered in breadcrumbs that offer a crunchy texture that complements the pasta perfectly. A parmesan sauce holds it all together nicely. Also worth trying is the chicken roulade, served on a huge bed of purple potato mash.

Fancy dessert? We recommend checking out their cookie skillet as well – it’s a giant chewy choc chip cookie served with Lotus sauce, ice cream and cream and strawberries.

The outlet also makes its own cakes, cookies, cupcakes and macarons as well (you can read all about their incredible cakes, such as their Iron Man and Transformer designs, here), but if you really want to dine and try something different, then make sure you visit Chateau Blanc this weekend – it’s your one-stop shop for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

Marina Village, Abu Dhabi, daily 8am to 1am. Taxi: Marina Village. Tel: (02) 6262651. chateaublanc.ae

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