It’s only valid within 500 metres of your home, but still…

Finding parking in Dubai can often be a chore, and finding free parking, well… forget about it!

However, it’s a little known fact that, provided you have the right paperwork, you may actually be eligible to utilise the paid parking near your home for free. Yes, you read that right.

The RTA allows Dubai citizens who live within 500 metres of public parking areas (i.e. the orange meters and signs you see dotted about the city) to apply for a permit to park there, completely free of charge.

I need this in my life, how do I sign up?

Remember, you need to be a Citizen (not a resident) of Dubai to be eligible. If that’s you, then you simply need to visit an official RTA service centre and provide the following documents:

  • *A copy of your passport or Emirates ID
  • *A copy of the valid ownership of your property or a valid tenancy contract approved by Ejari
  • *A copy of the valid ownership of the vehicle in the name of the owner of the house or tenant

The RTA will then issue you with a parking permit card that entitles you to as many parking spaces as there are rooms in the property, up to a maximum of four. For example, a one bedroom apartment or studio entitles you to access to one parking space, whereas a villa with four or more bedrooms means you can use up to four paid parking spaces for free.

No more spending hours on end circling the block looking for a spot, only to have it snatched away from you at the last second. No more arguing with your significant other over who gets to use the family parking space this week. Hooray!

For more info visit the RTA website.

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