Savings of up to 29 per cent on calls, SMS and data…

Dubai telco Etisalat has announced that it has dropped its roaming rates on calls, text messages and data for customers when travelling within the GCC.

Effective 1 April, both postpaid and prepaid Etisalat customers will be eligible for discounts of up to 29 per cent when using their phone in any of the six countries in the Gulf.

Etisalat have released a table that breaks down the costs before and after the new discounts:

The largest savings are for mobile data, with a reduction of nearly one Dhs1 per MB for a 29 per cent drop in cost, while incoming calls also see a 21 per cent dip to under Dhs1 per minute.

Outgoing calls and text messages aren’t as heavily discounted but we’re just happy to see everything get a drop so as we don’t end up with a massive roaming bill the next time we decide to plan a cheeky mini-break to Bahrain.

No word on whether the UAE’s other telco Du will follow suit to match these rates, but we’ll be sure to update you if we hear anything.

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