All other car types are also getting price drops

Good news for commuters in the capital, the Dubai-based ride-hailing company Careem is officially bringing its lower-cost option to Abu Dhabi to help make getting about that much easier.

While Careem has been available here for a while now, customers have been restricted to several higher-priced and specialty options when ordering a car via the company’s app.

Signed into effect on Tuesday by Careem and the Integrated Transport Centre, the new ‘Economy’ option offers competitive rates starting at a minimum fare of Dhs19. That’s Dhs10 cheaper than the next available ‘Limo’ option.

Careem also announced in an email to customers that they have dropped the price of fares across all car types, complete with a handy chart for reference:

According to a report from Gulf News the types of cars available under the new lower-cost will be Toyota Previas, Chevrolet Impalas and Lexus ES-350s.

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