The legendary DJ and producer talks hanging out with camels, launching his fashion line in the region and why he loves performing in Dubai…

Steve Aoki knows how to make an entrance. Back in town to perform at new Business Bay super club, Gotha, Aoki arrives promptly at midnight.

But discreetly slide in through a side door he does not. Instead, Aoki cruises through the lengthy crowds hanging out of his cars sunroof, waving energetically and snapping pictures with the hoards of fans who’ve gathered outside Gotha.

Once inside, we caught up with the cake-throwing, Grammy-nominated DJ to find out what he’s been up to in the city, his favourite place to perform, and his summer touring plans. 

WO: Welcome back to Dubai, how does it feel to be back?

Steve Aoki: It feels great, I love Dubai, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. I love the energy here.

WO: We know Dubai is up there, but where is your favourite place to perform around the world?

SA: Dubai, definitely.

WO: What have you got planned for your time in the city?

SA: Sadly we leave at 8 in the morning ,but I’ve already hung out with some camels, I did the zipline which was really fun, I went to Mall of the Emirates too where I visited BMores. We’re going to do a Dim Mak (Aoki’s clothing line) pop up shop at BMores.

Call me The Camel King ? ?

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WO: That’s amazing, when can we expect to see it?

SA: It will launch in October, I’ll be back then, I’ll be back to perform at Gotha then too.

WO: We can’t wait to see it. So what do you have planned in the meantime over summer?

SA: I’m touring all over Europe. I think we’ve got 28 shows a month, which is a lot of shows, but I just love performing.

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Images: Instagram/SteveAoki, Facebook/GothaDubai