A quick-witted employee saved the day by handing it in to Dubai Police

We’ve all been there. Rushing through the local coffeeshop in a hurry, forgetting to pick up our keys or sunglasses on the way out.

It’s annoying, but most of the time you can pop back in later and collect them without fear of anything being stolen – that’s just one of the perks of living in a city as safe as Dubai.

But now imagine how livid you’d be if you left a duffel bag containing a serious amount of money behind.

That’s precisely what happened at a Starbucks in Mall of the Emirates recently, where a tourist misplaced a bag containing $118,000 in cash. Yikes.

Luckily, one quick-witted employee discovered the bag and handed it in to Dubai Police, saving its owner from the mother of all freakouts, we imagine.

Dubai Police honoured the Nepalese employee, Miran Karaki, with a ceremony at his workplace on Tuesday in which senior officials commended him for his honesty and good conduct.

Good job Miran! And for the tourist who misplaced the bag, we suspect that’s an expensive lesson that they won’t soon forget.

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Images: Dubai Police, YouTube