It could make for a lovely home…

A former Qantas Boeing 747 upper deck is currently for sale at Ras Al Khaimah International Airport – and we think it is crying out to be turned into a restaurant, bar or even a home.

The forward section of the 747-300 aircraft has been stripped away from the main fuselage, which has been dismantled, and all that remains is the vast interior with two floors including the famous 747 staircase to the upper deck, which was used for business class.

Watch our tour around the upper deck:

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After a look around the plane, our imaginations are going wild with what we think it could be used for. A café on Kite Beach? A home in the desert? A restaurant on the Palm? The possibilities are endless…

The upper deck still has the toilets and galleys intact, and even the interior business class seating can be re-fitted. The cockpit has been left as it was when the plane last flew!

The former Qantas jet was built in 1985 and flew for over 80,000 hours in its flying career. Falcon Aircraft Recycling are hoping the once called ‘City of Melbourne’ plane will find a great home and be put to good use.

Here’s hoping it remains in the UAE and is transformed into a must-see attraction. We like the idea of experiencing business class… without paying for the ticket!

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