A rare glimpse inside an Iftar kitchen…

During the holy month of Ramadan Iftars are a must do for nationals and expats alike. The choice on offer across Dubai is incredible with every major venue in the city taking part in the traditional breaking-of-the-fast meal.

The Dubai Opera, however, is one of the most extravagant ones we have seen.

Take a look inside the Dubai Opera Iftar kitchen:

The main auditorium – where normally almost 2,000 people are seated to watch a theatre production, ballet performance or concert – has been transformed into a huge dining room where hundreds of guests can tuck into the feast.

Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera is the celebrity chef behind the menu alongside Carl Maunder, Connolly’s right hand man who oversees the huge operation every night.

A vast amount of food is used each day, including 40 kilos of lamb shoulder and 1.5 tones of kingfish. Preparation for each Iftar meal begins the night before.

We were delighted to be invited into the kitchens at Dubai Opera to see exactly how you cook for hundreds of people every night, especially when we find it hard cooking for a couple of friends popping over for dinner.

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