Complete with a mountain lodge, trailer park hotel and a Hollywood-style sign…

Last year saw the mountain town of Hatta to the east of Dubai launch 9 kilometres of hiking trails linking many of the area’s main ecotourism attractions.

It turns out that this was only part of a much larger scheme, as Dubai property developer Meraas today unveiled huge plans to revamp the area with the inclusion of plenty of new retail and hospitality options.

The first (and decidedly most glam) of the bunch is a Hollywood-style sign that will be erected at an elevation of around 450m in the nearby Hajjar Mountains when the first phase of the new project begins to roll out in the last quarter of 2018.

And it doesn’t stop there. The first phase will also include a mountain lodge with 20 rooms offering views of the surrounding landscape. As well as a new trailer park-style hotel (although much fancier than any trailer park we’ve ever seen) where visitors can camp on the banks of the Hatta dam.

An adventure centre and interactive tourism information hub will also be built in the town, to connect visitors, tour guides and residents.

An official statement from Meraas mentions that the developments will be located away from residential areas to “preserve the privacy and lifestyle of the people of Hatta”.

Glamping it up in the Hatta mountains sounds like a delight to us, we can’t wait.

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