You’ll never need to go to the petrol station again…

We’ve all been there: It’s Thursday evening and you’re almost out of petrol, but the thought of sitting in a queue at the gas station for half an hour persuades you to chance it. You of course do not have enough petrol to make it, and force a friend to come to your rescue.

Well, Dubai residents, you can now say goodbye to said dilemma, as a new app will now deliver petrol to you, whether you’re at home or on the go – and it’s the exact same price as you’d pay at the pump.

Called CAFU, drivers can register for the app, then locate their car either by dropping a pin or manually entering your address.


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Then, select the amount of fuel you need and schedule the delivery time, whether you need the fuel immediately, or want to book a delivery for later in the day.

You can order a minimum of Dhs40, all the way up to a full tank, with hourly delivery slots available from 6am to midnight every day.

You input your card details within the app, then can opt for either a single-use delivery fee of Dhs18 (excluding VAT), or opt for a monthly fee for unlimited deliveries for Dhs45 (excluding VAT).

As the app is relatively new, they’re currently offering a new joiner promotion whereby when you sign up, you get the first delivery and first month’s subscription for free, so there’s no delivery charges for the first month.

So, that’s us never heading to the petrol station again…

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