Sponsored: Mleiha Archaeological Centre is one of the UAE’s top tourist destinations…

Located an hour’s drive away from Dubai in the emirate of Sharjah, Mleiha includes archaeological sites, a museum, activities including trekking and horseback riding, wadi caves and artifacts dating back to the first movement of humans from Africa 130,000 years ago.

Watch as we discover Mleiha in this three-part series…

Part 1: We explore the ancient town of Mleiha, including the palace and burial tombs.

Part 2: We take a bike tour around Mleiha’s sand dunes and explore the ancient caves.

Part 3: We head out to explore fossil rock.

The main archaeological site consists of the remains of the old town of Mleiha, dating back 2,000 years when it was a bustling community and located on an important trade route between the east and west.

The town consists of a palace, where the royals of the town would have lived. It’s surrounded by eight different watch towers, cementing the belief that the palace was of real importance. Surrounding buildings include burial tombs, farmhouses and an old oven built into the ground to protect it from winds.

Camping experiences are also available and in the winter weather, staying overnight underneath the stars is glorious.

Guides are exceptional and unrivalled in their knowledge of the area; you’ll be hard pushed to learn as much as you do at Mleiha anywhere else in the UAE.

We love learning and to be able to see what life was like in the UAE thousands of years ago is fascinating. We recommend a visit to Mleiha as soon as you have a free day – or two.

For more information visit discovermleiha.ae to plan your trip.

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