Lows of 16 degrees are expected across Dubai today…

It was a rainy start to the working week across Dubai and the UAE as heavy cloud turned to rainfall across the region this morning.

In Dubai, rain was even accompanied by spells of thunder at around 8am to 8.30am on Sunday February 17.

Many UAE residents were urged to drive carefully as they made their way to work with the National Centre of Meteorology warning of thundery rain and fresh strong winds causing blowing dust and poor visibility.

Looking further into the morning and to the afternoon, residents can expect a hazy, cloudy day with a further chance of rainfall along the coast of Dubai.

The NCM also says residents should brace themselves for a significant drop in temperatures after a warm weekend, with highs of 26 and lows of just 16 degrees in Dubai later tonight.

Fresh, strong winds will also cause blowing dust along the coastline, so you might want to save your walk along the beach for another day.

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Images: Twitter/ Getty