Who’s noticed bright green scooters popping up around their neighbourhood?

If you’ve noticed bright green scooters popping up around the city but weren’t sure where they came from, or if you could give one a go, we’ve got the answers for you. KIWIride is a new pay-per-minute e-Scooter service  – and it’s just launched in Dubai.

The e-scooters are available at the tap of an app to UAE residents and visitors alike, with 600 e-Scooters now available across the city.

The best part is that users don’t need to have a license to ride. The only conditions for riding are that users are above 14 years of age, and ride according to the safety guidelines outlined in the app.

So how does it work?

Here’s a handy video to get you started:

First, you need to download the free KIWIride App from the AppStore or Google Play. Register your details, purchase a voucher for your ride and turn on location services, which will then allow you to find your nearest scooter.

Once you’re there, you can scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it, jump on the scooter and kick off using the accelerate button, and away you go.

The scooters have been designed as an eco-friendly solution for making short trips across the city, and they’re created to withstand the Dubai climate too.

Once you’re done, just stop the scooter by pressing brake, and lock the scooter through the App.

How much does it cost?

The wallet-friendly e-Scooters cost an initial unlocking fee of Dhs2.99, then you’ll be charged 59 fils every minute after that.

You can download the app for free via kiwiride.com

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Images: Supplied