Police dune buggies are able to chase offenders off road across the capital…

In an attempt to help keep the capital safe, Abu Dhabi Police has recently added a fleet of dune buggies to their patrol.

According to the Abu Dhabi Police Instagram account, the announcement was made at the UAE Innovation Month 2019 – a month-long festival, which aims to strengthen the country’s position as an innovation hub.  


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But don’t expect to find these buggies patrolling the paved streets of Abu Dhabi.

As per the social media announcement, these dune buggies were introduced to the Abu Dhabi police fleet in an attempt to catch suspects running away from the police in hard to reach, off-road areas including the desert or mountainous terrain.

The bikes feature the latest camera technology includes a rotating camera that can record the chase as it happens.

We can’t wait to see these bad boys in action!

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Images: Abu Dhabi Police Instagram and Getty