Here’s what to expect for the next week – and next month – in the city…

It’s been a month of uncertain weather this March, with cooler temperatures, rain, thunder and sandstorms all making the month of March a month of mixed weather.

So as we head into April, what can we expect?

Well, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS) has issued a weather bulletin for the next few days showing that warmer temperatures are on the way. Internal areas will reach highs of 32 degrees by Tuesday April 2, while coastal areas can expect a peak temperature of 24 to 28 degrees.

There’s going to be a significant increase in humidity from Sunday, with humidity recordings of up to 85 per cent forecast over the next few days, which is why you might be feeling like it’s hotter than it is.

While the rain might be behind us for a while at least, it looks like the dusty weather is here to stay. We can expect a dusty and partly cloudy day on both Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1, with the weather improving slightly by Tuesday – although this will also come with a slight decrease in temperatures.

But what about the rest of April?

Well, as the NCMS notes in its monthly climate report, April is a “transitional period” that sees “rapid changes in air pressure distributions”… and therefore “rapid changes in weather”.

Data gathered at the Dubai International Airport weather station from 2003 to 2018 shows that the average temperature rises from 23.1 degrees Celsius to 27.2 degrees Celsius from March to April.

So yes, that’s roughly a 4 degree Celsius jump.

Average humidity levels at the Dubai Airport station sit at 52 per cent in April and rainfall averages plummet from 22.5 mm in March to 4.7 in April and 0.4 in May.

So yes, next month you can expect more heat, but not too much humidity and plenty of sunny skies… 

May? Well that’s another story…

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