Sponsored: It’s going to make you want to upgrade your phone immediately…

The brand new smartphone series from Samsung – the Galaxy S10 – has arrived, and if you’re not already a Samsung fan, it’s probably going to turn you into one.

The series includes the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+, offering a range of sizes and price points to choose from to suit all smartphone users. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone to take selfies like a star, Instagram on the go, or get yourself a digital personal assistant, here are 4 things that’ll make you want to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S10 immediately.

1. You can share Instagram stories on the go

Captured a moment that just has to be shared to Insta stories immediately? Whether it’s a beautiful bird flying by or a hilarious joke your friend just told, in Galaxy S10, the Instagram app is now conveniently embedded into the camera and lets you switch between modes to access insta-stories in a second. Samsung quality camera + brilliant Instagram filters? You’ll never miss the perfect shot again.

2. A pro camera

In Galaxy S10, live focus gives you an in-depth focus while blurring your background, and it has evolved now to include 4 different artistic effects: changing the color tones of the background, adding a spin, zooming in, and more. It also allows you to capture ultra HD quality videos, so that now, you could take part in as many videos as possible with a crystal clear resolution, rather than just recording the world around you from behind the scenes. It’s currently the only smartphone in the market to have this awesome feature.

3. … which can give you tips!

Wish you had a professional photographer on-hand to help you nail that perfect selfie? Well now you do. The Galaxy S10 has an eye for the perfect shot and it advises you with the best composition possible. So, say goodbye to finding your best angle. It’s also got an ultra wide angle lens that can capture more than the eye can see, perfect for getting those big group shots.

4. It’s got an in-built assistant that knows you

There’ll be no need to change your phone settings all the time with the Galaxy S10, as it automatically optimizes itself according to your lifestyle. Not only that, Bixby Routines allows you to customize modes as per your unique preference, and it takes good care of you from there. So that when you’re home or in the car, it knows what to switch on and off. Save time, save battery, and enjoy your day.

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