The airline’s ‘Stadium in the Sky’ offers live coverage for football fans…

If you’re gutted about missing the UEFA Europa League or Champions Leagues finals because you’ll be 40,000 feet in the air, Emirates has a solution – the award-winning airline has announced that they will be showing the anticipated matches on relevant flights to England.

On Wednesday May 29, flights to and from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham will be providing live coverage to the match, while it’s on. While on Saturday June 1, the airline will show the UEFA Champions League Final on flights to and from the same destinations.

Out of the 23 relevant flights, Emirates expect that 70,000 football fans will tune into channel Sport 24 to catch the game. Anyone flying on a Boeing 777 can expect to receive the live coverage, but only select Airbus A380s will have the functionality. The travellers on planes not showing the match are welcome to use the complimentary wifi to get live updates.

Passengers lucky enough to be travelling in Business or First Class can benefit from watching the matches live on the 55-inch screen at the onboard lounge on select A380s.

Economy class customers can immerse themselves in the game with 13.3 inch screens, while Emirates’ business class screens are marginally bigger at 23 inches and the biggest screens available are for first class customers, at 32 inches.

It might be a good time to request an upgrade…

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