Boxing, spin, yoga, pilates, barre, HIIT and more – you’ll have access to over 200 classes to trial for free… 

Ever wanted to try out a new gymming class but held back as you were unsure you’d enjoy it? Well, sign up for ClassPass, and you’ll get a two-week free trial to access more than 200 of the city’s top gyms, classes and fitness studios.

You will get 35 free credits that can be used to book classes over a two week period. Classes cost on average between five and seven credits, so you’ll get 4 to 6 classes for free during that period.

If you’re new to ClassPass, here’s how it works…

It’s simple. The app works using credits. Once you sign up to the app, you’ll receive credits that you can use when making a booking at any of the 201 participating gyms and studios.

It’s worth noting that after your two week free trial, you’ll automatically be enrolled into their 50 credit package, which costs Dhs309 per month. Though, you can cancel at any time.

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Once you sign up, your ClassPass membership will allow you access to some of the city’s best and most popular workout spots including Crank, DEFINE: Dubai, Flywheel, Underdog Boxn, NRG Fitness and Physique 57.

Tried and love ClassPass and want to sign up for more?

There are four memberships available currently:

-Dhs159 per month that includes 25 credits to book two to three classes
-Dhs309 per month that includes 50 credits to book five to seven classes
-Dhs479 per month that includes 80 credits to book eight to 12 classes
-Dhs749 per month that includes 130 credits to book 13 to 20 classes

Keep in mind that an average class costs about five credits but this varies depending on popularity, location and other factors. The credit lasts for a month, but 10 credits are allowed to get rolled over, so don’t sweat it.

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