Chef Jamal Al Breiki has already partnered with three Abu Dhabi hotels…

An initiative has been launched to feed stray animals with the leftovers of some of Abu Dhabi’s most lavish brunches. Jamal Al Breiki, who is the owner of food delivery service Chef J Gourmet, ran a trial on Friday July 5, and has seen an overwhelmingly positive response.

The inaugurating brunch was at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, where all leftover food was sorted through to ensure only animal-safe food was collected. The leftovers were then taken to Springbok Kitchen for mincing and delivered to Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care.

Speaking to What’s On about his idea, Jamal said: “I spoke to the food and beverage manager at Faimont Bab Al Bahr about the food that’s wasted after brunch and he was happy to do something about it. My wife and I regularly volunteer for feeding stations and realised how much money people spend on the pet food, so we thought this would be a great way to solve both problems.”

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Before the trial, Jamal consulted a vet to ensure he understood which foods could be potentially harmful to the animals. “We are carefully selecting the ingredients. No cheese, no desserts, no sauces, no spices and minimal amounts of garlic and onions. We are only taking the meat, fish, rice and veg,” he continued.

From the total wasted food, one third was able to be used and in ten minutes the dogs at Cloud 9 had happily consumed 30 kilograms of food. Jamal hopes to see his initiative keep growing with more vets and shelters being served.

So far, three of Abu Dhabi’s hotels have expressed an interest to be involved, with more in discussion. Now if you brunch at either Fairmont, Crowne Plaza or Holiday Inn, you can relax knowing you’re contributing to the reduction of food waste, and helping to feed stray animals too.

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Image credit: Chef J Gourmet