The 155 million-year-old DubaiDino is going to have a new address soon…

Are you an owner of unique collectable items – coins, stamps, paintings, cars etc? How would you like to be the new owner of a dinosaur skeleton?

No, we’re not kidding: The Diplodocus longus dinosaur that has called the Dubai Mall home for five years has been put up for auction online at Emirates Auction.

The DubaiDino as it was affectionately called, is around 155-million-years old and is set at an eye-watering starting price of Dhs14.6 million.


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The dinosaur is already up for auction online and if you want to check out the live action bidding take place, head to this link.

Oh, and just a note that if you’re actually considering purchasing the dinosaur, given you have the display space and money for it, that is, the total auction fee will have a five per cent VAT added on to it. Plus an additional fee of Dhs10,000 in administration fees.

The dino, which has been on display in the Dubai Mall Gold Souk for the past five years, is 24.4 metres long (about the length of five cars) and 7.6 metres high. It was previously on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Discovered in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in north central Wyoming, nearly 90 per cent of the fossil bones are original. The dinosaur had its tail bones injured when it was alive – presumably due to a predator’s bite or from trauma resulting from an exerted tail force during a battle with another dinosaur.

The auction ends at 6pm on Sunday, August 25, 2019 so if you’re up to snagging this possible once-in-a-lifetime auction, now’s the time to break your piggy bank, and of course, clear out a lot of space.