It’s finally set to start cooling down…

It’s the weekend we’ve been waiting for: the final weekend of August, which means goodbye August temperatures, and hello September.

After a long three months of balmy heat that ranges from ‘it’s too hot to have lunch outside’ months to ‘we can’t walk from our car to the office without having a mini meltdown’, we can finally look forward to beach days that aren’t restricted to the shade, nights out at open air clubs and alfresco brunches.

But is September really that much cooler than August?

Well, the National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS) has collected data at a weather station near Dubai International Airport for 41 years, from 1977 to 2018.

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And the findings?

The mean temperature (over both daytime and night) is 33 Celsius in September, that’s a drop of 2.3 degrees compared to the mean temperature in August.

The max temperature on average is 39.2 Celsius in September compared to 41.5 in August, while the minimum temperature on average in Dubai in September is 28, versus 31.6 in August.

So yes, we can safely say it’s cooling down this month.

But it’s not all good news from the Dubai weather in September.

According to the NCMS data, the max mean humidity is 76 per cent in June, 74 per cent in July, 73 per cent in August and 79 per cent in September, which explains why September can often feel just as oppressive, heat wise, as super-hot August.

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