The new toll gate system will take a trial period from Tuesday, October 15 and will be free until January 2020…

It’s good news for motorists travelling to and from Abu Dhabi, as the UAE Department of Transport has announced that planned road toll charges in the capital will now be free until January 2020.

Previously, the charges were set to come into effect on Tuesday, October 15 however the time period between October 15 2019 and January 2020 will now be regarded as a free trial period, to allow motorists to adapt to the new system.

In a system that’s similar to Dubai’s Salik scheme, the toll charges will be implemented at four tollgates on bridges leading to Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Khalifa, Al Maqtaa and Mussafah.

From January 2020, motorists in the capital will be charged Dhs4 during peak hours, between 7am to 9pm and 5pm to 7pm, Saturday to Thursday. There will also be a reduced charge of Dhs2 at all other times, and on Fridays and public holidays.

Whilst the scheme is quite similar to Dubai’s Salik system, vehicles in Abu Dhabi will be identified by their number plates. Any motorists that don’t comply with the rules, for example driving non-registered vehicles, face fines of up to Dhs10,000.

Unregistered vehicles found violating the rules will be allowed a ten working day grace period, chargeable at Dhs100 on day one, Dhs200 on day two and Dhs400 on day three, adding up to a maximum of Dhs10,000.

The only vehicles to not be affected by the toll charges are buses including school buses, ambulances, motorcycles and taxis that are Abu-Dhabi registered.

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