The shoes are valued at Dhs73 million and boast 30 carats of diamonds, solid gold Burj Khalifa-shaped heels and real pieces of meteorite…

Got yourself a spare Dhs73 million? How about investing in a pair of shoes complete with a small piece of meteorite discovered in the 1500s? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the world’s most expensive shoes, unveiled in Dubai over the weekend.

The Moon Star Shoes come in at an eye-watering price of Dhs73 million ($19.9 million) and were revealed over the weekend in Dubai Marina on a Yacht. Because where else would you reveal such an item in Dubai?

They look set to smash the previous Guinness World Record of world’s most expensive shoes ever created which were valued at Dhs56 million ($15.5 million).

More to be kept in a safe than to actually wear outside, the heeled shoes boast 30 carats of diamonds, solid gold and even a piece of meteorite which was discovered in Argentina back in 1576. The gold heels bear a tribute to the Burj Khalifa, as each actually comprise of a mini model of the record-breaking building.

The shoes were created by Italian designer Antonio Vietri as part of MIDE (Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates) Fashion Week. He previously broke records with his 24 carat gold woven court shoes in 2017, which came complete with diamond heels, where the shoes in the range came in at a not-to-be-sneered-at Dhs120,000 to Dhs300,000.

Better get that pedicure booked in…

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Images: Getty