Here’s a glimpse at the local and international works at d3…

The city’s design district comes alive this month for the annual Dubai Design Week, which turns the entire area into a haven of creativity. Staged in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3) and supported by Dubai Culture & Arts, Dubai Design Week is a city-wide celebration of talent for the whole region.

From interactive installations, to some of the coolest new inventions, exhibitions, workshops and limited-edition design pieces, this event covers the whole gamut of design and it’s also a really fun day out for the family…


Barjeel by MAS Architecture Studio – Interior

This installation designed by Istanbul-based MAS Architecture Studio is made to draw attention to responsible design. It is a six-metre tall wind tower made from layers of reclaimed cardboard, forming a windcatcher that funnels cool air from above to the area below.

2. EXHIBITION: Kabul Old City – A Visual Journey

This multimedia exhibition is dedicated to the ancient heart of the city of Kabul: the district of Murad Khani. Compiled by Turquoise Mountain, an NGO who work primarily in Afghanistan, the exhibition highlights large-scale development plans across the heritage area. On display are Afghan carpets, pottery, crafts and a woodwork lounge area as well as digital visualisations of what Murad Khani once looked like in its prime.

3. Global Grad Show 

A not-for-profit initiative, this exhibition showcases graduate projects covering the fields of design, science, technology and engineering from over 100 universities offering solutions to tackle today’s challenges. Curated by Eleanor Watson, the inventions address topics such as health, social care, disabilities, biodiversity, water pollution, farming and sustainable cities. It is the world’s largest gathering prototypes of social impact design.

4. Abwab

Abwab, meaning doors in Arabic, is a showcase of commissioned work from geographical pavilions. This year, designers from India, the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon have worked to recreate a classroom. Under the theme ‘ways of learning’, their challenge is to explore the way information is shared and taught in their respective cultures,
by design.

5. Making Space

A five-day programme of workshops and drop-in exploration activities conducted by a range of UAE-based, regional and international designers to develop the skills of professionals and budding designers of all ages.

6. Downtown Design

This is one of the biggest design fairs in the region. With over 180 international and regional brands participating, buyers and enthusiasts converge to witness their latest creations. Also part of the fair is Downtown Editions, a showcase of products by emerging designers. Designer Ghassan Salameh is the guest curator for this year’s edition of Dubai Design Week.He has his own design studio practice in Beirut, which focuses on lighting design products and has exhibited around the work. Ghassan believes in using design as an agent of positive change and he curated Beirut Design Week 2018 focusing on the role of design in making the city more liveable and socially just.

Dubai Design Week, Dubai Design District (d3), 10am to 10pm until November 16,

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Images: Provided