Experience flying on water with Ibiza Foils in Dubai – no waves, wind or towing needed…

It covers 72 per cent of the planet’s surface, it influences climate and weather patterns, but we think the ocean is best for adrenaline-fuelled watersports adventures – and here in the UAE, there are many to try. From wakeboarding and wakesurfing, jetskiing to flyboarding the list really is endless.

But have you ever hopped atop a surfboard with an electric hydrofoil?

We hadn’t either… until new company Ibiza Foils surfed into town.

Run by Daniel Van Dooren, a pioneer of the booming surf culture in the region, and original founder of Surf House Dubai, Ibiza Foils now rents out its boards to beginners, offering lessons at several watersports locations in Dubai.

Here’s what happened when we had a go…

Here’s a look at the pros in action…


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Flyin’ across JBR today. Book yours today: +971 54 373 6007 Dubai

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So, what is the efoil?

Without getting too technological, the efoil uses a hydro-dynamic torpedo design to raise riders up on the hydrofoil to literally fly above water.  Your speed is controlled by a wireless handheld throttle, delivering speeds of more than 35km per hour.

Is it easy to ride?

Thanks to Dan’s clear instructions – provided via a microphone headset attached to your helmet, yes it is actually quite easy to ride. Ultimately, there are a few steps to follow: Lie on your tummy, add a little throttle until your flat-lining across the surface, use your elbows to shuffle forwards, then push up to your knees, and finally, feet. It’ll take a bit of practice, and patience, but you’ll be (silently) zipping across the water in no time.

Where can I try it?

Unless you have a cool Dhs60,000 for your own efoil, you’ll want to rent rather than buy. Right now, you can rent efoils at the original Surf House location, the new Surf House location at Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Four Seasons Resort Dubai, and at the Ritz Carlton JBR.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at Dhs600 (for one to two people) for a 40-minute experience, Dhs800 (for one to three people) for a one-hour experience, or Dhs1,500 (for one to six people) for a two hour experience. Other packages are also available.

To find out more, or to book yourself in, call (054) 3736007 or visit @ibizafoils