Ian Fairservice, Managing Partner and Group Editor-in-Chief of Motivate Media Group remembers Richard Coram…

The team at What’s On is saddened to learn the news that Richard Coram, a popular Dubai TV and radio presenter – and previous What’s On columnist – has passed away from Covid-19 in the UK.

“I first met Richard in the early 1980s when he was 19 years old. He had been sent from the UK to be the DJ at Juliana’s Discoteque at the Dubai Metropolitan Hotel,” remembers Ian Fairservice. “He turned up one day at our offices to introduce himself and we carried a piece in What’s On magazine about his arrival to Dubai. Shortly after that, he started writing occasional music columns for What’s On.

“Richard continued to be a successful DJ for many years but was soon recruited by Dubai 92 FM to present a regular radio show. He was extremely popular from the start and quickly became the ubiquitous voice of Dubai, whether it was at charity events, commentating at live sports matches, presenting on the radio, and as a regular DJ on the Dubai music circuit,” continues Fairservice.

(Above: Richard giving a press conference in Mumbai to announce the concert of superstar Bryan Adams in India) 

“He was then discovered by Channel 33 television where he started as a continuity presenter before becoming a News at 10 anchor.”

“He started building a parallel career for himself as an impresario and concert promoter, something which he went on to do full time with The Talent Brokers, which he launched with his wife Padma Coram. He worked exclusively with Bryan Adams looking after his concerts around the world and I remember when he brought Bryan to Dubai, What’s On arranged a day of off-roading for him because that was his passion.”

“Over the years, Richard became very successful as a music promoter, also working with the Rolling Stones on a concert in India. His biggest show was signing Michael Jackson to appear in a concert in Dubai, but was sadly cancelled at the last minute by the artist.

“Throughout all of his successes I remember Richard as a very modest man, extremely funny, quiet and never let his local fame go to his head. He was always very charming,” he added.

Coram is survived by his wife Padma and son.

Image: Getty and Facebook