Sponsored: Whether you’re struggling to get a GP appointment or need to seek treatment from a physio, CallDoctor’s healthcare at home service can help…

In these uncertain times, if there’s one thing we are all coming to recognise, it’s that taking care of our health is paramount. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy though.

From getting a standard GP appointment to finding the right physio, our busy schedules and a complex referral system mean Dubai’s healthcare system can sometimes prove complicated. But what if you could see a doctor in the safety of your own home without having to take a trip across the city?

Founded in Dubai by Dr Minhaz Hussain, CallDoctor provides just that service, with a team of DHA and HAAD GPs, nurses, physiotherapists and referral specialists on hand to travel to any address in Dubai or Abu Dhabi within a 45-minute window, 365 days a year.


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The safe and affordable first response service is particularly useful if you have guests staying – its home healthcare team offers affordable help accessible to all – while its team is also on hand to assist every age group, from babies to the elderly.

“Our doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are all trained in out-of-hospital patient settings,” Dr Hussain confirms. “From first aid kits to portable ECGs, the doctor on call is ready and fully-equipped for different cases from a well check-up, to fever, allergies, infectious diseases, respiratory ailments, dehydration, back pain, wound care, and so on.”

Designed to serve every member of the UAE’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual population, the team offers a mix of male and female physicians, proficient in Arabic, English, German, Russian and a host of other dialects.

Home healthcare on call, any time you need it? That’s got to be worth adding to your contacts book…

To access CallDoctor services across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, visit CallDoctor.ae, call the toll-free hotline on 800 200 400 or WhatsApp +971 585200401.