Your handy guide to fun things to do at home while continuing to social distance…

Welcome to the May issue of What’s On. This month, rather than having to bag a copy from your local supermarket, we’re bringing the magazine to you… right here for you to download for free. You can flick through the issue here below, or click here to download the copy to your favourite device.

A heads-up: This magazine you’re about to read isn’t filled exactly the way you’ve come to know it. We’re not writing about the new concerts happening this month, sharing details of the new gyms you should check out, or where next to travel to. Because the fact of the matter is, our living rooms have become our gyms, the balcony our next trip, the kitchen our new test centres, and our showers, the new karaoke spot. Okay, ours has always been the only karaoke spot for us.

Instead, we’re sharing guides to the fun things to do at home, from our top 50 movies currently available over streaming services to the best delivery services in the country. We’re suggesting easy and challenging recipes to try, virtual pub quizzes to sign up for and much more, so have a read, get inspired, and pick something fun to do today.

Until we all meet again at the next music festival, stay healthy and be safe. Being indoors is the best place to be right now.

Enjoy the issue here: