If you’re cooped up with your beau, keep the romance alive with these ideas…

1. Take part in The Great Quarantine Bake Off

For the competitive couples, see who really is the elite with The Great Quarantine Bake Off. The rules are simple, you both have the same ingredients and the same amount of time (we’ll let you decide) and the person who can create the best dessert wins. You could even take to social media and run a poll to see who comes out on top, just make sure to tag @whatsondubai so we can vote too!

2. Get artsy

Get your creative juices flowing with a bit of arts and crafts. If you have paint at home, why not recreate the view from your balcony or bedroom window? If not, grab a pen or pencil and just start sketching. You could even use each other as inspiration and sketch a portrait of your loved one, as a memento of this strange and unforgettable time.

3. Challenge each other to a taste test

Have a dig around in your kitchen cupboards for any interesting flavours and challenge your partner to a taste test. What you choose depends on how kind or mean you want to be, from chocolate spread to mustard…

4. Play Mr & Mrs to see who knows the other best

Do you think you know more about your partner than they know about you? Now’s your chance to prove it. Ask a friend (or even your children) to create a list of questions. Aim the questions at one of you, then both secretly answer them. After is your chance to compare and see how many your partner got right, then switch!

5. Teach each other a new skill

Can one of you juggle? Is the other secretly talented at handstands? With so much free time at home, have a think about a special skill or talent that you have, but your partner doesn’t, then try and teach it to them in one night. Just be careful not to break anything…

Images: Unsplash