Salons and barbershops can now operate at 50 per cent capacity…

Dubai Economy has revealed an update protocol for salons and barbershops in the emirate. Previously these establishments could only operate at 30 per cent capacity, with a limited offering of only hair and nail treatments.

The new protocol states that all services can now be offered, excluding spa, sauna, hammam and massage treatments. Salons and barbershops can now also operate at an increased capacity of 50 per cent.

Although the somewhat more relaxed rules have been announced, strict safety measures remain in place. These include mandatory face masks for all staff and visitors, a distance of two metres between each station, and an appointment-only ticket system.

For barbers, Dubai Economy has stated that masks can be removed for a short amount of time to carry out some treatments. If absolutely necessary the mask can be temporarily removed for beard trimming and cutting hair behind the ears, before being replaced.

Surface and chair decontamination must be carried out between each client and clients are encouraged to wash their hands before and after their treatment. There also mustn’t be any waiting areas inside or outside of the outlet.

Children’s salons are permitted to offer service only for kids. One adult below aged 60 can supervise a maximum of three children with only one aged between 1 and 5.

Strict penalties will be given to anyone or any establishment who is found to not be adhering to the guidelines set. These regulations are part of Dubai Economy’s phase 3 plan and will stay in place until further notice when another update will be provided.

Image: Unpslash