K9 have re-homed 7,000 dogs over the past 30 years…

If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, it’s always best to adhere to the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra.

The UAE’s hard-working shelters and rescue centres are filled with countless dogs and puppies that need homes – either permanent or temporary – particularly now that the summer months have kicked in.

One notable organisation is K9 Friends, which was established back in 1989. They have re-homed more than 7,000 dogs over the past 30 years.

There are more than 120 dogs waiting for their forever home, so you’ll definitely find a furry friend that suits your lifestyle. The volunteers and organisers at K9 Friends can answer your questions and share their thoughts about a particular pup’s personality. After all, they know them best…

If you’re not able to commit long-term, opening up your home for a month or two to foster a dog can be a great way to give them some respite from kennel life. You may just fall a little bit in love, and decide to adopt for life.

Meet 29 dogs and puppies waiting for a forever home at K9…


Born: 28/01/2018

Annie was found on the street after being abandoned. Gentle and sweet-natured, she loves people but is not so keen on other dogs.


Born: 6/04/2018

Catch was found living under a bush with her mum and siblings in the heat of summer out on the Al Ain Road. She’s timid and shy at first but when she’s out on a walk her confidence grows. She’s calm and gentle in the house and likes to find a spot on the sofa. She’s just turned 2, fully vaccinated, neutered and looking for her forever family.


Born: 01/02/2017

Georgia was rescued as a puppy with her sister, Atlanta from a farm. She had limited human interaction so is quite shy and is looking for some love.


Born: 27/08/2018

Spartacus, a beautiful Shepherd/Husky cross, came to K9 when his owners found they could not give him the attention he needed. He is an energetic boy who needs a garden to run in. Neutered, vaccinated and looking for a family he can play with.


Born: 02/02/2017

Roxy came to K9 friends as a tiny pup with her mum. She loves her walks and would love a family of her own.


Born: 23/10/2017

Stocking is a shy boy at first but is slowly growing in confidence, so give him a chance.


Born: 20/12/2017

Aurora is a gentle girl who would make a great addition to any family. I mean, look at that head tilt…


Born: 10/09/2018

This sweet Saluki mix boy is playful and affectionate. He enjoys his walks and loves people. We love you back, Hot!


Born: 01/11/2017

Pandora is a gentle, calm girl who is very loving and affectionate. She loves cuddles and would make a great addition to any family.


Born: 30/09/2018

Fern was found in a garden over summer and looked after by a kind family. She is shy and anxious at first, but she will reward a patient owner with lots of love.


Born: 13/01/2013,

Sherlock came to K9 Friends in 2015 and was adopted the following year but sadly, he was abandoned at a boarding facility in 2018. He is well trained, very affectionate and would love a big garden to go exploring in.


Born: 17/03/2016

Ally is a sweet-natured girl who loves her walks. She would benefit from a bit of basic training but will reward her new family with lots of love. Look at that big smile!


Born: 21/11/2014

Aqua was born in the docks area of Dubai and was brought to K9 Friends with his siblings. He has been on several fosters but would really like a chance in a home of his own.


Born: 11/09/2019

Tusk was found on the streets near K9 Friends. He’s still a puppy and nervous at first, but is growing in confidence every day.


Born: 01/10/2010

This lovely boy has been constantly overlooked at the shelter. He is friendly and loving but will need a patient new owner to teach him how to enjoy life outside the shelter. He will reward your time and effort with love and devotion.


Born: 27/10/2016

This Labrador/Canaan cross loves the water. She would love a patient new owner to show her life in the outside world.


Born: 24/09/2013

Jones is a friendly boy in need of some training. He is eager to learn and will reward a new family with devotion.


Born: 21/06/15

This poor girl was dumped outside the gate at K9 Friends in 47°C heat. She is a terrier cross and in need of some love and patience to come out of her shell.


Born: 01/12/2013

This boy loves his cuddles. He prefers playing in the water to playing with toys. He is nervous in new situations (aren’t we all…) but will settle with time and patience.


Born: 14/08/10

This beautiful girl was a mum when she was brought to K9 Friends. She is nervous and needs a patient family to let her grow in confidence. We are sure that with the right love and attention a new owner will see her develop into the happy, loving girl we know she can be.


Born: 06/10/2017

She came from the municipality with her mum and siblings. She’s a friendly girl who would love to meet her forever family.


Born: 07/04/2016

Griffin is a curious boy who loves swimming and playing with tennis balls. He would love an active home to call his own.


Born: 16/12/2016

This Saluki cross is so submissive, he is treated as a bit of a doormat by other dogs. He’s a bit of a worrier and gets stressed so would need a home as the only dog where he can relax and be the centre of attention. Aw!


Born: 14/10/2013

This Saluki mix was rescued from poor conditions in Al Ain. She is very nervous and will need time to learn to trust people again and build her confidence.


Born: 28/10/2015

This German Shepherd girl was used for breeding and kept in a cage. She is still nervous about being in a house and is not very keen on other dogs or cats. She would love an experienced owner with space to run around.


Born: 20/03/2017

This Labrador cross was originally found in a dumpster in Sharjah. He’s now a big, bouncy boy who loves long walks and playing ball. He would love a big garden to play in.


Born: 06/01/2016

This clever chap attached himself to another family and was brought to K9 Friends with them from the municipality. He would love a new family now to attach himself to.


Born: 28/07/2017

This Malinois/German Shepherd cross was kept in a cage for the first part of her life. She is timid at first but is willing to work for treats. She is sociable with other dogs and would respond to some training.


Born: 26/03/17

This girl was rescued from the Expo site with her five puppies. All her pups have now found homes and now it’s her turn. She’s small/medium in size and nervous at first but will reward patience with love.

K9’s amazing work couldn’t continue without the support of their partners, including Pet’s Delight. Visit k9friends.com and petsdelight.com