UAE residents are now only permitted to leave home between 6am and 8pm…

UPDATE** As of Wednesday, May 27, residents are now permitted to move freely between the hours of 6am and 11pm.

On the evening of Monday May 18, the UAE government announced that the National Sterilisation Programme hours have been extended to 8pm each night to 6am the following morning, from Wednesday May 20 until further notice.

This means that UAE residents are only permitted to leave their homes between 6am and 8pm each day for essentials such as groceries and medicinal supplies. A revised list of heavier fines has also been issued for those in breach of Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

The announcement came via an exclusive press conference, focusing on the latest information on Covid-19 at 9.30pm on Monday, May 18.

Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Head of the Public Prosecution for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters said, “We have noticed reckless behaviour from certain individuals, violating instructions. This has big repercussions.”

He added, “It appears that some people in society are being irresponsible and the insistence of some on not respecting what is requested, thus the public prosecutor has amended the list of fines and penalties”.

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Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, the official spokesman for the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management urged those who will be celebrating Eid to not meet up with families, but instead to connect with each other online or by phone.

Pharmacies and supermarkets are permitted to remain open for 24 hours. Shops selling tea, coffee, chocolate and other artisan goods allowed to open from 6am to 8pm.

Here are the new fines that have been introduced: 

  • Dhs50,000 fine for violation of non-compliance with home quarantine instructions or in a private quarantine facility and doesn’t repeat tests as required
  • Dhs50,000 fine for educational institutions, cinemas or gym or open air stores or parks, or beaches or pools, or supermarkets who do not adhere to coronavirus measures.
  • Dhs50,000 fine for anyone who doesn’t adhere to home quarantine
  • Dhs50,000 fine for hotels who have violations with visitors and a compulsory closure of one month
  • Dhs30,000 fine for those holding private classes
  • Dhs20,000 fine for anyone publishing private patient information
  • Dhs20,000 fine for not operating thermal screening cameras where required
  • Dhs20,000 fine for anyone hacking ALHOSN UAE app during quarantine
  • Dhs10,000 fine for not downloading ALHOSN UAE Covid contact tracing app, whilst under quarantine
  • Dhs10,000 fine for damaging / lost smart devices whilst in quarantine
  • Dhs10,000 fine for organisers of gatherings and a Dhs5,000 fine for those in attendance
  • Dhs10,000 fine for non-complying with temporary suspension of tourist cruises
  • Dhs5,000 fine for shops outside of shopping centres found to be in breach of COVID-19 rules
  • Dhs5,000 fine for both employers and employees of companies not adhering to wearing masks in an office
  • Dhs3,000 fine for not wearing a mask in public and if travelling in a vehicle with others
  • Dhs3,000 fine for travelling in a vehicle with more than three people
  • Dhs3,000 fine for moving between emirates during the hours of the National Sterilisation Programme (8pm to 6am)
  • Dhs3,000 fine for not following social distancing measures

Repeat offenders face a maximum Dhs10,000 fine and a potential six-month prison sentence.

We’ll be sure to keep this article updated incase of further announcements.

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