We enjoyed a three-month holiday from parking fees in the capital…

Following a three month parking fee holiday, and with businesses and attractions reopening across Abu Dhabi, Mawaqif parking fees have been reintroduced to the capital.

The charges began this morning at 8am. And we don’t know who needs to read this but, if you’re parked in a space, make sure you top up that metre now.

How to pay

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of Abu Dhabi shared news of the charge resumption, on their social media channels this morning.

Along with the announcement, there was also a request for motorists to pay for the Mawaqif service using electronic payment methods.

The SMS Mawaqif payment system used to be reserved for vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi, but as of January 2018, all UAE-registered vehicles can now use the service.

An SMS must be sent to 3009 (you can call 800 3009 for more information) with the following format:

[City and plate code] space [registration plate number] space [S or P for standard or premium] space [duration in hours].

So someone wanting to park an Abu Dhabi registered vehicle with a plate code of 3, and plate number of 12345, in a standard bay for two hours would need to type:

AUH5 12345 S 2

Or if registered with Mawaqif, you can use the Darb app available on Apple and Google Play stores.

Free parking

Mawaqif parking hours will be from 8am to 12am from Saturday to Thursday.

Premium parking bays (blue and white in colour) are Dhs3 per hour with a maximum stay of four hours.

Standard parking bays (blue and black in colour) are Dhs2 per hour or Dh15 for a day.

You can park in Mawaqif zones for free on Fridays, and there is a 45-minute courtesy window for spaces near mosques after the call to prayer.

Images: Instagram/Unsplash