Would you go on it?

Last week we discovered that local entertainment network, OSN had secured the rights to produce and screen a UAE version of hit UK cooking (and clap-back) show, Come Dine With Me.

Although the name has had a local rebrand, it’ll be known as ‘Yalla Neta’asha’, much of the original format will remain.

OSN has confirmed the series will follow the same episodic structure as the UK version. Over the course of a week, four strangers take it in turns to cook and host a three-course dinner for the other three guests.

Each night, the three guests get to rate their host’s dinner party with a score out of 10. Often leading to tactical voting, accusations of snakery, snidey comments and highly watchable outbursts of one-upmanship.

At the end of the week, the votes are calculated and the winner walks away with a cash prize. And we can’t help wondering if one-time winner Jane (see below video) spent the money on decorum lessons.

So you think you can cook?

If you want to apply, you’ll need to be over 23 years of age and residing in the United Arab Emirates. Applications close on July 17 so you’ll need to be quick.

Send your name, address and mobile number to: itvsme-casting@itv.com

Update: What’s On sought clarity from OSN regarding the language the show would be conducted in, and they have confirmed, contestants will need to speak Arabic. 

And if you are keen, it’s only fair to warn you, that having ‘thick skin’ could be advantageous. If the running commentary from this, the UAE-based Come Dine With Me, follows queues from the British version, you can expect that chicken will not be the only thing getting roasted.

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Where to watch it

You’ll be able to watch it via the OSN subscription services, through your TV or through the incredibly good value OSN streaming platform (just Dhs35 per month).

OSN has locked-in for a 45-episode run and shows will air from Sunday to Thursday with a fresh batch of contestants every week.

Images: Provided/Youtube