Sponsored: Little bites at LilleBite…

Having a sugar craving? These delicious guilt-free cupcakes from LilleBite could just be the ticket to your satisfaction.

These bite-sized treats come in a variety of fun flavours, each one different from the other and some quite distinctive. For example, their ‘sour bite’ – a rosewater infused cake with a surprise frosting and topping. Of course, they also cover the classics such as vanilla, chocolate chip and several candy bar inspired flavours with the ‘maltese bite’ being their best seller.

If that’s not creative enough, their ‘East meets West’ line includes local tastes with a twist. Try the ‘basbousa’ or ‘festiye.’ For adventurous eaters, you could even brave the ‘flaming hot’ bite, a blend of chocolate, cinnamon and chilli.


LilleBite’s cupcakes come in different box sizes, making it easy to enjoy them alone or with friends and family. No doubt a box of 25 will certainly satisfy any craving.

Now, before you board the guilt train, at 45 calories for their fruit flavours, you won’t have to skip lunch or dinner, even if you chose to have a second or third.

And rest assured; you can share LilleBite cupcakes with children, safe in the knowledge that one bite has far less sugar than any regular cupcake.

Several of the bites are also available in gluten-free.

LilleBite’s cupcakes make for the perfect addition to any occasion, dinner party, birthday party, or just to say ‘thank you.’

The website is coming soon. Until then, place your orders on WhatsApp at (052) 3575948 or send them a DM via Instagram where you can also receive daily specials.

They deliver in under an hour depending on the location.

We’ve teamed up with the bakery to offer a sweet 20 per cent discount off your purchase of 25 cupcakes for the month of August – just tell them ‘What’s On sent you.’

LilleBite, The Fairways Marketplace, shop 7, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, open daily 7am to 10pm, orders via What’s App on 052 357 5948. Tel: (04) 570 7024. instagram.com/LilleBite

Images: provided