Did it rain where you are?

There’s been some pretty wild weather in the last few hours.

Convective cloud had always been forecast for this week, bringing with it, the possibility of rain. But the intensity of showers in some regions and the widespread coverage has been a shock to many.

The UAE’s National Center Of Meteorology has shared some videos of the localised storms on their social media channels.

Spotted in Soyouh, Sharjah

The moment when a sandstorm rolled in ominously over Maleha

This resident captured scenes in Dubai where windblown sand cut visibility to almost zero in parts

Warnings over driving conditions have been in place in some areas of the UAE, such as here in Al Ain

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Watch: Rain and hail thrashed parts of the UAE last night

Sandstorms and heavy rain isn’t common in the UAE in July, but it’s certainly not unheard of. Rainfall in Dubai for this month averages less than 1mm, usually falling in one day.

Weather warnings will remain in place in parts of Dubai and Sharjah until as late as 8pm this evening. But wherever you are, it’s advisable to take a little extra caution on the roads.

And we don’t know who needs to hear this but, you might want to do this morning’s wash again.

Images: Twitter