Sponsored: Had a baby during lockdown? Got engaged? Hated home-schooling? Whatever your lockdown story is, Fine and What’s On want to hear from you…

COVID19 has taught us all a very important lesson on the power and importance of connection. This pandemic has brought out the very best in humans and bonded us together with a very unique and historic shared experience. It’s that shared experience that What’s On, in partnership with hygiene giants Fine, want to capture.

We’d love you to share your lockdown experiences with us, from the good, the bad, the surprising to the mundane and we’ll select 10 families, couples, housemates and singletons and share their stories in a special feature.

You’ll receive a hamper filled with a selection of Fine’s best hygiene products as well as your own doorstep photographs for you to remember this historic time: The dodgy home haircuts, the frazzled look of juggling homeschool and work, the bulk-buying of sanitiser, the moment where families were given the opportunity to be around each other for longer than a holiday – we want to hear from you.

Photo shoots will take place between August 25 to 29, 2020 and social distancing rules will be observed at all times.

If you’d like to be considered for the What’s On Doorstep Diaries powered by Fine, please fill in the form below. The deadline to submit your stories is Thursday August 20, 5pm.

What’s On’s usual terms and conditions also apply