Where should you turn for sweaty relief? Clearly House of Pops is what you need…

With respect to Willis Haviland Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning, popsicles have become the best way to cool down during a sweltering summer. And while you can get by making your own, we found the most wonderful ice lolly brand while scouring Deliveroo for extra cool treats.

Partners in life and business, Mazen and Marcela run this online ice lolly shop. They launched just two years ago with a mission of bringing the UAE a healthier alternative to the refined sugar-packed, preservative-heavy ice creams flooding the supermarkets. Their line of hand-crafted, vegan pops featuring only five ingredients with fruit outranking all, makes these little chilly wonders essentially just ‘fruit-on-a-stick’.

“We wanted to be a company that not only serves a healthier ice cream alternative, but one that also is eco-friendly and gives back to the earth,” explains Marcela. “House of Pops has pledged to use plastic-free packaging, made up of materials that go beyond being recycled to being biodegradable and compostable, replenishing the earth with a soil nutrient when they degrade.”

The flavours at House of Pops are vast, ranging from mango and raspberry to coconut, lime mint and strawberry at Dhs20 each. There’s also a brand new Summer pop special collection (Dhs25 each), which includes combo flavours such as mango chia, coconut strawberry, and chocolate banana.

By the end of August, House of Pops will have two physical locations (at the new Khawaneej Mall, and on Kite beach) but for now, directly order via instagram.com/houseofpops.ae or visit Deliveroo.ae

Images: Supplied