Drive and drop services are now permitted to resume in the capital…

Dropping the car off at the valet was a familiar convenience for many in Abu Dhabi, but the service was prohibited earlier this year under governmental pandemic policy.

A circular issued by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT) has announced that as of Monday, September 7 hotels will be permitted to reopen their drive and drop valet services, provided they comply with a new set of safety measures.

Parking and recreation

The requirements for hotels to resume valet parking, include:

Thermal cameras must be placed in the lobbies, and everybody entering the hotel will be subject to temperature screening.

Valet staff must undergo Covid-19 testing before returning to work, and then bi-weekly following the recommencement.

Valet attendants are required to wear masks and gloves at all times and should ensure to observe the minimum two-metre social distancing rule.

Gloves are required to be changed and hands sanitised in between each vehicle.

Valet stations should be equipped with sanitising wipes for desterilising vehicles before handing them back to departing guests.

The car seat and steering wheel must be covered with protective shielding by valet attendants.

Guests will be encouraged to make payments via contactless methods, although cash will still be accepted as a last resort.

There will be daily sterilisation ‘misting’ across all operational areas.

The DCT also included an assurance that hotels will be inspected by agents acting on behalf of the DCT to make sure hotels are compliant with the rules.

Images: Unsplash