Refresh your tracklist with these local hits…

Nightclubs might still be closed but there’s no shortage of great music being produced locally.

Here are four great locally produced tracks to vibe to. 

01 Aeli X Seki Supervillan 

Cry Me A Valley 

Aeli & Seki SuperVillain

Former Dubai resident, producer and DJ, Aeli might have upped sticks to LA but he’s embarked on a series of tracks featuring his favourite artists from the Middle East. While Aeli is famed for seamlessly lacing hip-hop and electronic music with traces of traditional North African sounds, he ventures into Afrobeat territory here, with Dubai-based rapper Seki crafting a message about toxic relationships, manipulation and crocodile tears over low-swinging sensual beats and an infectious hook.

Find it on Youtube here but also Soundcloud, anghami, Apple Music and Aeli’s social channels.


Esso (The Recipe)


Middle East hip-hop fans will know Swerte is in his element exploring different sounds and genres. Having worked across drum ‘n’ bass, funk and even metal, here he teams up with Arabic drill artist Freek and Indonesian rap artists Saykoji. The result is a multilingual, call-to-arms, fiery drill/ hip-hop anthem that tackles some of 2020’s biggest issues.

Check it out at Swerte’s Spotify page.

03 Hollaphonic

Wicked & Lazy (Spinnin’ Deep) Veteran clubbers


Veteran clubbers will recognise this brilliant Hollaphonic track as a cover of the X-Press 2 anthem with David Byrne from nearly 20 years ago. The Dubai duo has tastefully updated the classic for a new generation, adding their modern production tricks including a booming kick drum that heads straight for the sternum, Mariana-trench deep basslines and clever percussion lines that draw you in.

04 Mark Shakedown

I Mean You (Universal Music MENA)

Mark Shakedown

As a DJ, Mark Shakedown has played across Dubai and Beirut after breaking onto the scene with gigs alongside Steve Angelo. As a producer, he’s remixed for R3HAB and Wyclef Jean and notched up millions of streams globally. So when he releases a new track, you pay attention. I Need You is a summery slice of dance music magic, all shimmering vocals, sun-dappled electronics and tropical beats.

Give it a listen on Mark’s Spotify page.

Images: supplied