Chaps and Co has teamed up with Ubisoft for the ultimate gaming-grooming giveaway…

Well, well, well — isn’t this a sight for Thor eyes.

Apologies for the terrible pun, but we’re more than just Loki-excited about the imminent double release of Viking-themed videogame Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and next-gen console, Xbox Series X.

Both of which drop today, November 10.

It’s excitement shared by homegrown men’s grooming aficionados Chaps and Co, who are offering gents free ‘Viking Cuts’ on Tuesday November 10 and Saturday November 14 at all of their UAE locations.


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Taking scalps

And in collaboration with Ubisoft, the creators of the hugely popular Templar-bothering, haystack-diving, ‘is that a knife in your pocket?’ Assassin’s Creed series, there’s a chance to win a brand new Xbox Series X.

Fancy pillaging the prize? To enter the draw, you just have to share an image of your Scandinavian make-over on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #KeepItHandsome #ChapsAndCo #LikeAViking and tag @chapsandcobarbershop.

The game promises a thrilling new direction for the franchise, which has already seen Animus take-overs in Renaissance Italy, Victorian London, Revolutionary France and America, dynastic Egypt and the Medieval Middle East.


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Though the trailer teases lots of Ragnar Lothbrok-esque action, it’s unlikely we’ll meet the man himself, the game’s events seem to take place after the legendary’s warrior’s death.

From gameplay clips shared online however — we do know there is an opportunity to meet some of his sons. We’ll take that blood eagle to-go.

Meating the challenge

If you prefer your Viking challenges on a plate, there’s another way to win an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S and copies of the game across all The Butcher Shop & Grill locations in the UAE, between November 10 and December 10.

Just demolish the special platter in the fastest time (under 45 minutes) for your shot at getting an Xbox Series X secured.

Now that’s a Viking raid we can get down with.

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