Return airfares from Dhs59, seriously…

In October 2021 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi added Russia’s capital Moscow — a babushka doll stuffed with cultural, artisitic and historical wonder — to its global network of destinations.

That brings the total number of international routes to 33. But it’s not the only contender for budget tickets in the capital.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has also recently added three new Indian cities to its route map, bringing its total tally to 17 different destinations direct from the capital.

But where else can you fly, and how much might an average ticket cost? Between the two airlines, there’s a whole lot of world to explore…

Prices quoted below are direct returns airfares in November (unless otherwise stated), dependent on availability and only include one small hand luggage bag only. Checked baggage is available at additional cost. 

The Middle East

Salalah, Oman from Dhs1,061 (Air Arabia), from Dhs618 (Wizz Air from April); Muscat, Oman from Dhs58 (Wizz Air).

Bahrain, from Dhs58 (Wizz Air).


Almaty, Kazakhstan from Dhs398 (Wizz Air); Nur Sultan from Dhs438 (Wizz Air).

Baku, Azerbaijan from Dhs488 (Wizz Air)

Dhaka, Bangladesh from Dhs2,000 (Air Arabia); Chattogram, Bangladesh from Dhs2,200 (Air Arabia).

Calicut, India from Dhs1,066 (Air Arabia); Kochi India from Dhs1,139 (Air Arabia); Trivandrum India from Dhs1,293 (Air Arabia).

Kathmandu, Nepal from Dhs1,404 (Air Arabia).

Multan, Pakistan from Dhs1,415 (Air Arabia); Faisalabad, Pakistan from Dhs1,502 (Air Arabia).

Tashkent, Uzbekistan from Dhs1,295 (Air Arabia).


Tirana, Albania from Dhs508 (Wizz Air)

Yerevan, Armenia from Dhs468 (Wizz Air)

Sarajevo, Bosnia from Dhs548 (Wizz Air)

Sofia, Bulgaria from Dhs538 (Wizz Air)

Larnaca, Cyprus from Dhs938 (Wizz Air from March)

Kutaisi, Georgia from Dhs688 (Wizz Air)

Athens, Greece from Dhs358 (Wizz Air); Chania, Greece from Dhs708 (Wizz Air from June); Mykonos, Greece from Dhs578 (Wizz Air from June); Rhodes, Greece from Dhs888 (Wizz Air from June); Santorini, Greece from Dhs888 (Wizz Air from June); Thessaloniki, Greece from Dhs848 (Wizz Air from March).

Budapest, Hungary from Dhs778 (Wizz Air)

Bari, Italy from Dhs798 (Wizz Air from April); Catania (Sicily) from Dhs598 (Wizz Air).

Moldova, Chisinau from Dhs408 (Wizz Air from March)

Katowice, Poland from Dhs798 (Wizz Air)

Moscow, Russia from Dhs668 (Wizz Air).

Belgrade, Serbia from Dhs428 (Wizz Air).

Kyiv, Ukraine from Dhs348 (Wizz Air); Odesa, Ukraine from Dhs318 (Wizz Air).


Sohag, Egypt from Dhs999 (Air Arabia), from Dhs218 (Wizz Air); Alexandria, Egypt from Dhs799 (Air Arabia), from Dhs328 (Wizz Air); Cairo, Egypt from Dhs1,049 (Air Arabia); Luxor, Egypt from Dhs488 (Wizz Air from April).

Khartoum, Sudan from Dhs1,109 (Air Arabia).

Please note you should always check visa, entry and exit requirements as well as passport validity before you travel.

Images: What’s On archive