The decision is based on an evaluation of the evolving Covid-19 situation…

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai has decided to extend the preventive measures that were approved by the committee at the beginning of February 2021 until the mid of April 2021 – which marks the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan.

The decision is based on an evaluation of the evolving Covid-19 situation. According to the data, the intensified safety measures have been effective. It is also based on recommendations of frontline authorities.

The Committee stated that it will continue to monitor local and international developments to ensure the optimal response.

Below are the precautionary measures that will be in place until the start of Ramadan: 

-Indoor venues, including cinemas and entertainment and sports venues, will continue to operate at 50 per cent of maximum capacity and under intensified precautionary measures.

-Shopping centres and malls, guests in hotels, swimming pools and private beaches in hotels, will be limited to 70 per cent of the total capacity.

-Restaurants and cafes are required to close by 1 am. Pubs and bars will remain closed.

-Intensive monitoring and inspection campaigns will continue to ensure strict compliance with measures including physical distancing and wearing of facemasks.

The Committee stressed the need for the public to observe precautionary measures, stressing that their commitment is critical to counter the pandemic.

The Committee also urged the public to report violations by individuals or establishments through the Dubai Police call centre on 901 or on the ‘Police Eye’ service through the Dubai Police Smart App.

Efforts on the vaccination drive in Dubai and the UAE was praised by the Committee. As of February, more than 5.8 million vaccine doses and over 30 million tests have been administered making the UAE one of the highest vaccination and testing rates globally.

Images: Getty Images