With 24 days of food, fun and family-friendly events…

Dubai Food Festival will be kicking off the culinary season from March 25, with the popular food-filled festival will run until April 17.

The festival will focus on four key culinary highlights, including diversity, authentic and homegrown cuisine, unique restaurant experiences, and exceptional value for money.

It will be the eight time the annual festival has taken place in Dubai, with each year offering increased exciting opportunities to try new cuisines, learn new skills and hear from expert culinary stars.

Pop up events will take place around the city, such as the ever-popular Beach Canteen, Restaurant Week, Hidden Gems, Foodie Experiences and more. There is a focus on local and home-grown brands in particular.

Over three weekends, foodies will have the chance to indulge in and explore a huge selection of cuisines from around the world. Dubai Restaurant Week will feature exclusive menus from over 30 Dubai restaurants, giving you a chance to check out places you might not yet have been to.

You can also expect a new list of Hidden Gems for 2021. Sure, Dubai is a place where big name restaurants open almost every other day – but there are also hundreds of lesser-known eateries, just waiting to be discovered. You’ll even be able to vote for your favourites.

Foodie Experiences is a series of masterclasses, chef’s tables and experiential dining in unique venues across the city. The schedule is yet to be released so keep an eye out to see what you’d like to sign up for.

The 24-day programme of food-related events includes activities, promotions and appearances by celebrity chefs and culinary figures.

Dubai Food Festival, across Dubai, Thursday March 25 to Saturday April 17. visitdubai.com/dff